21 September, 2007

We don't like tasers.

Hi all,

Just a note, this is our last show on Friday for a while. We've asked for, and been given, the Thursday 7am-9am time slot. So after this week, you'll be able to hear us Thursday instead of Friday.

Listen to this week's show here. We only got 1 hour due to misreading this schedule this week... sorry about that.

*music: "Working Class Hero" - John Lennon, "Cumberland Blues" - Grateful Dead, "Ludlow Massacre"- Woody Guthrie, "Police and Theives"- The Clash,

What is Socialism?

Stop the BU Bio-terror Lab:
comment period with the NIH: until Nov 12th
email: nihnepa@mail.nih.gov
call: 301-496-7775

Sick Out, Walk Out against the war:
As part of nation-wide Anti-War demonstrations.
October 26th: SickoutWalkoutCoalition
Call: 617-482-3090 or 617-230-9382

Support University of Minnisota at Minneapolis Workers!
Out on strike!

Police Brutality:
Video Links:

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