24 March, 2008

new WMFO website

Hi all,
As you've probably noticed, we haven't posted any new shows in a while. I assure you the show is still on air. You can now listen to the last 4 shows at WMFO's new website: wmfo.org.


14 December, 2007

Dec 12 - Kate's first show

Download Audio of this week's show here.

This week we welcome a new co-host, Kate, who hopefully we will all be hearing more from.

A disclaimer: Socialist Alternative does not think in any way that voting for Democrats is "stupid." We believe that the Democratic party is a dead end for activists, a corporate party that puts profits over the people and does not deserve the money or support given to it by Unions or activist/community groups. Instead, we need a party of our own, a party that would refuse corporate donations, a party for and by the working people of this country.

07 December, 2007

Late Breaking Solidarity Appeal

Freightliner UAW Workers Need Support!

Please Support These Workers At: http://www.justice4five.com/

We are members of the 2007 Bargaining Committee for United Auto Workers (UAW) local 3520, Cleveland, NC. On April 2, 2007 our Local's Strike Committee voted to strike. Our International Union was of the opinion we should accept a weak contract offer. They tried to force us to take a contract with 22 open articles and 86 open Health and Safety issues back to our membership for ratification. The proposed contract if raitified by our membership as proposed by the Company would have been the first UAW 2 tier contract negotiated in a grossly profitable company. Frieghtliner LLC, was more profitable in 2006 than all other years combined, yet they wanted us to take contract concessions and the International UAW was OK with this.

We are/were employed by Freightliner LLC, at the Freightliner Truck Manufacturing Plant in Cleveland, N.C. On April 3rd, 2007 (5) five of our Bargaining Committee members were terminated by our employer along with (5) five other officers and (1) one rank and file member of our Union for instigating and/or supporting and/or participating in an unauthorized work stoppage. At the time of our terminations our collective bargaining agreement had expired. We thought our International Union would support us and do everything in their power to help us get reinstated to our jobs. What we didn't realize was that the UAW is actually a passive, Company ran Union that has no desire to help their members.

Our International Union, has in fact, done nothing to help or support us in our struggle for justice.

Read More Of What Happened Here: http://futureoftheunion.com/?p=6228

06 December, 2007

Chris's last show (maybe)

HI all,
download the audio here.

Check previous blogs for continued Solidarity with Tukwila WA students and teachers.

29 November, 2007

Audio - 11/29 and a few new artists I like...

download this week's show here.

also, Son of Nun
is coming to Tufts University, Oxfam Cafe, Friday Dec 7th at 9pm.

this is an artist named Paris.
(there was a youtube clip here but it was pointed out that it gave far too much credit to conspiracy theories, so i took it down).

you will be hearing more of these two on our radio show in the future.