04 October, 2007

First Thursday Show!

Hi everybody!
The WMFO website isn't working at the moment so we don't have audio for you at the moment. We're working on recording straight from the board so we can post to the blog in the future, but at the moment we'll just have to post in writing what we're doing.

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Our Topics:

What is democratic Socialism?
1 out of every 3 Americans have no vacation time.


Rally to support Boston Hospital Workers:
Tuesday, October 16th, 4pm-5:30pm @ the Longwood Medical Area in Boston
For more information call Corey Hope Leaffer at 617-284-1142
SEIU Local 1199

Harvard fires HUCTW library worker
(Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers)
Co-workers and activists concerned about discrimination

Harvard University recently fired David Toomey, a very dedicated and productive library assistant with over 20 years experience. Before firing David, Harvard managers sent two different emails to hundreds of co-workers asking them to report “concerns” about David. Harvard then used co-workers’ complaints about David to terminate his employment.
As David has a very serious medical disability, co-workers and fellow union members are upset about Harvard’s solicitations of complaints. Many are even more upset that Harvard used these complaints to terminate his employment.
Despite his disability, David has worked very hard for Harvard College Library helping build the impressive French/Italian collection. He routinely put in overtime and he consistently maintained admiration and respect from colleagues. His performance has been excellent. Despite this, Harvard resisted granting David’s requests for accommodation to his disability and managers were often reluctant to work with union representatives trying to help David.
Friends and colleagues of David’s have asked Harvard to reverse the termination. David should be able to keep his job and he should be able to access internal grievance processes.

Please join the campaign to:
Reinstate David
Fight Discrimination at Harvard
Support following local problem solving (grievance) processes
Encourage Harvard to support the Disabled by acknowledging employees’ conditions and accommodating their reasonable workplace requests

Email the following to voice your concerns:
Bill Murphy, Director, Labor and Employee Relations

Steve Marley, Director of Human Resource Services, Harvard College Library

“I am concerned that management solicited complaints about David Toomey. Harvard should not discriminate against workers with disabilities. David should get his job back, and Harvard should respect the HUCTW contract.”

To help, get more information or share your story of discrimination, email: stopharvardsdiscrimination@gmail.com

Oct 26th Anti-War student walkout and worker sickout.
Oct 27th Anti-War rally 2pm Boston Common. www.stopthewars.org

Matt Geary for Boston City Council At-Large
Workers councilor on a workers wage: Matt pledges to donate more than half of the $87,000 city councilor's salary back to the movement and only take the average wage of his constituents. VOTE GEARY!

Democratize Boston!
-Boston School Board - appointed, not elected
-Boston Redevelopment Authority - appointed, not elected (mainly wealthy businessmen)
-Make the T affordable again! Reverse the fare hikes?

Boston Organizer - Boston Socialist Alternative website

Keep your eye out for candidate forums... Matt will be there!

Reading the Paper

Walkout Newsletter of Justice
Walk out of classes, call in sick to work - Oct 26th in Boston, check www.yawr.org for other cities.

For US Workers, Anxious Times
UAW stuff (Christian Science Monitor)

UAW agreement, 15 factories slated to be closed - Boston Globe
Soldiers of Solidarity, Future of the Union

Ford and Chrysler next for UAW

Boston Herald - T fare hike has decreased public transportation usage. Ridership could continue to drop.

USA is the top arms dealer to the developing world, reports the NYTimes.

Congress approves billions more for the Iraq War

U.S. Pays Steep Price for Private Security in Iraq

Burma - Thousands Killed...

Obama, whats up? are you more than empty rhetoric?

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