31 August, 2007

Ha! We're baaack!

Yes we are...
Here's the link to today's show. (warning, we were 25 minutes late getting into the studio, so you'll have to fastforward to when we get in)

We've been noticed on another blog! Check out Finian Rising

SEIU 615, Master contract for Boston area is up today!
Rally times and locations for today: August 31st, 2007
4:00 pm: Downtown Crossing
4:00 pm State Street T Stop
4:30 pm Burlington -- 75 Middlesex Road
5 pm -- Andover 100-200 Brickstone Square
4:30 pm -- Quincy -- 100 Newport Avenue

Alberto Gonzalez, US Attorney General resigns.
Karl Rove, Top Bush Aid resigns.

Cindy Sheehan running for congress against Nancy Pelosi in 2008

Sagging Pants being outlawed across the country.
Do you think this is aimed at african american youth? We do. Protest these racist laws.

The Pope was a Nazi youth. Catholic Church has tried to protect child abusing priests all over the country.

Somerville 5...

Socialist Alternative Public Meetings...
A World in Crisis... and the Socialist Alternative.

Tufts: Thurs, Sept 6, 7pm Eaton 201...
UMass Boston: TBA
Salem State Community College: TBA

The Outskirts
Who Killed the Electric Car?

Steve Earle calls himself a marxist?

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