15 November, 2007

Che Guevara - Symbol of Struggle

What is democratic Socialism? Well, I can tell you one thing, its not Stalinism. There is a river of blood that separates genuine Socialism and Stalinism.

Free and Open Discussion on the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara's death:
TONIGHT! Thursday, Nov. 15, 7pm, Tufts University, Braker Hall room 113.

Stand for Security Rally - Friday, Nov 16th
March and Rally at 2pm. March begins at downtown crossing by Macy’s. march ends at a rally at 10 Winthrop Square, Boston, MA. Speakers from 615, City Life and CLU. This will be targeting both the security contractor Palladion for their various irresponsible practices and Deutsche Bank for its role in the foreclosures of folks all over the city. For more information contact Jeremy Shenk at 617-878-7520 or jshenk@seiu615.org

Anti-war demonstration - Friday, Nov 16th
Gather at 4pm - Boston Common, March 5pm to BU Recruiters station.

Rally for Quality Care - Nov 28th
First rally from 10:30 am - 12 noon at the Omni Parker House, Boston Ma. For more information contact Jennifer@massjwj.net or 617-524-8778.

Support the Screen Writers Strike and the Stage Hand's Strike

Nigerian Students falsely imprisoned on trumped up charges!
The DSM is demanding the immediate release of all these three OAU activists and asking for urgent protests and solidarity.

The DSM asks for protest letters be sent to:

International supporters are asked to contact their local Nigerian Embassy or High Commission

(This is especially important, as some of these Nigerian email addresses may not accept protests).

Copies of all protest letters sent should be also sent to:

Clearly legal and other defence activities will cost money and the DSM asks for donations to be sent via its website

Please act urgently

More details are available in the following articles on the DSM’s website

The Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights in Nigeria CDWRN) has details of the post-election repression in Osun State in the following items on its website:

Matt Geary - Socialist Alternative candidate for Boston City Council recieves 3,025 votes (6.5% of voters voted for him). Low turnout in this election - just under 15% of registered voters. Incumbent Felix Arroyo loses seat to John Connelly.

Red Sox have most expensive tickets in baseball.
Reclaim the Game! - Sports for fans, not for profits!

Nearly half of African Americans born in the 1960s middle class have plunged into poverty. In inflation ajusted dollars, middle class african americans went from a median family income of $55,000 to $23,000 per year.
Washington Post, Tues Nov. 13th

Median household income in Erie PA is $31,000 a year.

35.5 million people found hungry in 2006. A number virtually unchanged since last year. This is over 10% of people living in the USA. Single mothers were most likely to be affected. This is in the richest country in the world.

Transit workers' strike in France. Has it spread to other public sector workers who are threatened by Sarkozy and his neo-liberal agenda.

End the Dictatorship in Pakistan!
The Pakistani working class is caught between the military dictatorship on the one hand, and these reactionary groups on the other. The Trade Union Rights Campaign - Pakistan (TURCP) is organising resistance against both threats. TURCP members in Swat and other parts of the NWFP province are resisting the reactionary Islamic fundamentalist groups, risking their lives. TURCP members are also actively involved in protests and demonstrations taking place against the military regime. Many TURCP members were injured by police baton charges and by other police brutality. The Trade Union Rights Campaign – Pakistan will continue to fight for the political, trade union and economic rights of the working class.
We will continue our struggle against exploitation, repression, and anti-worker and anti-women Islamic groups and for a better life for the working class. Our struggle for full democratic rights - brutally crushed by the military dictatorship - will continue. Support our demands for:
• An immediate end to military rule
• Release all political prisoners, including trade union activists
• Full democratic rights for all, including the right of assembly and protest
• United working class opposition to the anti-worker and anti-women Islamic groups
• Full trade union rights, including the right to organise in the workplace
• No negotiations or ‘deals’ with the dictatorship
• End British and US support and funding of the Musharraf military regime
• Immediate elections to a democratic constituent assembly; full rights for workers and poor people to participate
• The right to organise an independent political alternative for working people, poor and youth

Please support the TURCP in any way you can.

Send resolutions of protest via your Pakistani embassy, hold pickets, solidarity meetings or demonstrations.

Please also send urgently needed financial contributions to TURCP

The TURCP has a bank account in London, Britain for the collection of funds outside Asia.

Please make all cheques payable to ‘TURCP’ and send them to:

Trade Union Rights Campaign - Pakistan, PO Box 52135, London E9 5WR, Britain.

Alternatively send by Bank Transfer to: TURCP, account number: 00574699, sort code: 30-95-03 Leytonstone, Lloyds TSB Branch, 797-799 High Road Leytonstone, IBAN No: GB70LOYD30950300574699, BIC Code: LOYDGB21500, Swift Code: LOYDGB2L

Please keep us informed of protests, donations, meetings etc. through turcpakistan@yahoo.com and we will keep you informed of developments here as best we can.

"Justice"- newspaper of Socialist Alternative
"Socialism Today" - CWI magazine, produced in England

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