20 July, 2007

July 20th show... (Chris and Josh)

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Music: "Wake up everybody"-Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, "Working Class Hero"-Green Day, "Alabama"-Neil Young, "Its no game(part 1)"-David Bowie, "Workingman's Blues #2"-Bob Dylan, "1Nation"-Dead Prez & Outlawz, Kamikaze aka the Franchise,

What is Socialism?
What is a Living wage? A minimum wage is not enough to live on! A living wage: $20 an hour in Boston would currently be a living wage. Build a living wage movement! Organize to demand a wage we can live on!
We need a party for and by working people! One that would not take money from corporations and would take part in local struggles. Candidates should not take more than the average worker!

Solidarity Announcements:
Matt Geary for At-Large Boston City Council: www.votegeary.com
Reinstate the Bolivian Trade Unionists!
Honk out against the War and the Bush regime - Davis Square, Somerville, Monday July 23, 5pm-7pm

Interview with Chris about unionizing Zip Car in Boston.
Teamsters Local 25
teamsters unionizing article

Reading the Papers:
Senate votes against withdrawl from Iraq
Australia admits: Iraq is a war for oil
The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age

California: Regional supermarket employees (UFCW) reach agreement with employers.
Two different approaches to undocument immigrants: New Haven gives out ID cards to everyone, Prince William County, Virginia instructs cops to check on everyone.
Deval Patrick's new budget
Geary wants to fight for social causes: Westie Paper
Poll Results: 58% say a third major party is needed in USA!
Sicko, Michael Moore

Article about attacks on Sicko and Michael Moore

Obama Watch:
ABC News - Obama Pushes Lobbyist Interests!

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